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City & Guilds 2392-10

Fundamental Inspection, Testing and Initial Verification (Level 2)

Class Room
4 Days

A Certificate in Fundamental Inspection, Testing and Initial Verification gives you the necessary skills and confidence to inspect and test fundamental installations and conduct initial verification — a qualification that proves your ability.

You might be a practising electrician who hasn’t worked on fundamental inspection and testing since qualifying, or you might have recently become qualified as an electrician after working in other engineering disciplines or trades.

If you currently work in electrical testing, a Certificate in Fundamental Inspection, Testing and Initial Verification can help you update your skills to keep up with best practice in the area.

Who is this qualification for?

It is aimed at practising electricians who have not carried out inspection and testing since qualifying. It is also suitable for those with limited experience of inspection and testing of electrical installations, such as those:

  • entering the industry from other engineering disciplines
  • working in allied trades.

What does the qualification cover?

This 2392-10 course covers:

  • Preparation for initial inspection and testing
  • Electrical Inspection & Testing
  • Training in the use of multi function testing meters
  • Safe isolation procedures and equipment
  • Inspection & testing documentation
  • Continuity of Protective Conductors
  • Continuity of Ring final circuit conductors
  • Insulation Resistance
  • Protection by SELV
  • Polarity
  • Earth Electrode resistance
  • Earth fault loop impedance
  • RCD testing
  • Prospective fault current
  • Verification of volt drop


This course consists of a closed book online exam — 100 minutes

Required literature

  • IET Guidance Note 3