Inspection & Testing app

This month NET have launched a new mobile App to go alongside their existing candidate resources. I was aked if I would like to get involved following a meeting I had with them in London.

Here's the problem, pass marks for the AM2 assessments weren't great. They still aren't.

Now my 15+ years experience in the training industry has showed me that often when the pass numbers are low, it's time to change the game a little. Maybe training outcomes are revised, or its even possible that the assessment itself will be restructured in a way - take the 2391 theory exam for example.

NET app

NET wouldn't allow this and instead knew the real problem is that candidates are not being properly prepared for their AM2, AM2E or AM2S assessments.

NET already has a lot of excellent resources on their site, including downloads, videos and candidate guidance.

The problem is introducing the candidate to the AM2, and to this information. As it is seen as an 'end-point-assessment', I hate that term btw, most colleges and training provideres focus on their own training concerns and leave the AM2 assessment till the very end after they have done their part and got the candidate through the technical training. Some don't even take responsibility or interest in discussing the AM2 with the candidates.

This has created a horrible cycle where candidates are unprepared, inexperienced and standing little chance to attempt the AM2 with success. Many training companies resort to selling an AM2 practice day thing - which NET strongly oppose.

NET have worked hard to develop some interactive resources to reach out to candidates on their learning journey, allowing them to start thinking about this assessment. If candidates start to think about this assessment earlier, then they can start to ask themselves how prepared they feel. Maybe they can find better opportunities on some jobs than others and ask their employer to assist them in gaining this experience?

Candidates can only know what questions to ask of thier experience if they know what is to be expected of them at the gates to enter the industry.

More information including links to download the app can be found here.