Kicking off the Screen Yorkshire lighting technician course

The UK's booming film and television industry calls for an ongoing demand in new freelancer talent and this years CoSE:Y UK Film & TV Craft Certificate has kicked off for another year.
This is an exciting 4 month course which aims to take entry-level trainees and give them introductory electrical training, as well as preparing them for the specific rigours of working within the film and television industries.

Screen Yorkshire and the CoSE:Y team will deliver an ‘introduction week’ designed to prepare the trainees for the specific requirements of lighting crew in film and TV, such as their role within a department, the way departments interact with other departments during production, set etiquette, sustainability training and preparation for freelance life (including CV and application writing, tax, invoicing and networking).

Furthermore they provide a real on set experience in collaboration with Leeds MetFilm School on a large filming project at the end of your course. It will consist of a 3-day shoot in studio, with a crew, teaching you set etiquette and how to work in a professional manner. You will put into practise all the skills you have learnt throughout your duration of time training with us, providing you with the confidence to move forward with your career.

SparkyNinja's role

For another year we were able to provide introductory and BS7909 training for the new cohort of trainees.

We have an extensive experience in the events sector working in broadcast, event, film and TV and were able to offer many examples of case studies and experiences whilst delivering the technical learning to the trainees.