Megger's next generation MFT-X1

Megger has produced another black MFT, but this one isn't limited edition and they claim it's the new best thing, the next generation.

First of all, I really liked the limited edition black 1741+ they had. I was very tempted but was putting funds together for a thermal imaging camera at the time and I just couldn't justify the splurge. But if anyone reading this has one of these collecting dust do let me know.

The MFT 1741+ black limited edition
The MFT 1741+ black limited edition

So, onto the MFT-X1. At first look it's clearly a change in image and design for the Megger MFT family. I've had single unit Megger instruments in the past and also had a 1552, 1553, 1710, 1720 and a 1740, and nothing looks similar to this.

The change in technology and user experience from the 1500 series to the 1700 series was quite a step, so here is hoping for more significant steps forward in the instrumentation evolution.

So what does Megger claim for this new device?

Well according to their site this instrument will introduce their first generation of platform based, user upgradeable MFT. This means that as new changes and tweaks occur within the wiring regulations to the ways we inspect and test, Megger can programme these changes and deploy them online for users to connect and update their instrument. According to thier site they can remotely upgrade the firmwire via the microSD card.

The MFT-X1 is just the start! Using a standard microSD card, you will be able to remotely upgrade firmware and other features without having to purchase a new unit.

Megger MFT-X1
Megger MFT-X1 - Released early 2023

One obvious change is the new quick-remove battery pack. Where you can either use a rechargeable battery pack or just put your pile of AA's in this dock thing and then hot-swap it out when needed. Whilst this might not seem too much of a gamechanger I can definitley recall the odd occasion where I have had to use utensils or other primitive tools to replace the battery cover.

Megger MFT-X1 quick-remove battery pack
Megger MFT-X1 quick-remove battery pack

Other mentioned improvements include an RCD configurator. I'm not sure how this differs from being able to manually adjust a devices IΔn - maybe it's with regards to pre-setting 'PASS' values or composing it into an auto sequence for the software?

As for software this is fully compatible with CertSuite. I'm not a huge fan of that software so won't be indulging in that.

Save yourself hours of operational work by combining the MFTX1 with Certsuite™, which makes reporting and certificating whilst on the job a breeze! Test results can be transferred directly to any test certificate or report via the CertSuite™ App.

It covers EV charge points, which is kind of a standard now, the Megger website was a little obnoxious in the videos with the staff talking about 'EV this' and 'EV that', it's getting a little boring to be honest - especially considering the mess that sector is in.

Megger MFT-X1 EVSE testing
Megger MFT-X1 EVSE testing

It has this True Loop thing with the patented Confidence Meter tech built in. That is pritty nifty, but not much use for the events testing I do.

It also has a stabilised insulation voltage output, I'm not really sure on the impact difference this would make on our measurement scales.

For the first time in any multifunction tester, the MFT-X1 incorporates a stabilised insulation test voltage, ensuring output voltage is accurate to within +/-3% +2 digits. This compares to the industry standard of +20%.

I'm a fan of 'less is more' so when a meter adds buttons for cycling through functions I sulk a bit, but I do get that with the sheer variety of options and settings it has to make sense.

Last thing to mention is the display. The display has to be crystal clear from a variety of accute viewing angles and a good enough distance - this is why I also use Kewtechs. The screen here with the MFT-X1 has had a significant overhaul, but the 1700 series was already pretty damn sharp. But this new screen.. it seems very different to the rest of the Megger family. It's full colour and appears to have a great contrast. But I won't know properly till I get my hands on one.

Good screen viewing angle - Megger MFT-X1
Megger MFT-X1 - Good screen viewing angle

I know what you're thinking - How much is it!!

Well I have contacted Megger who have stated they they are looking to launch the MFT-X1 in early 2023 and they are expecting a list price to be £2300.00. Obviously I suspect that the actual price we end up haggling for at the wholsalers will be less, but it's definitley time to deepen your MFT budget pocket if you're interested. I know of one supplier taking pre-orders at £1350+VAT for the tester unit.

For me, I am not sure. Initially I was without hesitation, but looking more into the details given on the website and listening to the actual technical improvements I am not sure I would benefit much.

I will however be buying one anyway for the training centre. So yay for me I guess.

Check out the Megger website for more info.