‘Rogue Trainers’ campaign launched by TESP

A new campaign has been launched by TESP to challenge the risks associated with unscrupulous training providers. TESP, short for The Electrotechnical Skills Partnership, is a not-for-profit Community Interest Company which aims to ensure a framework is finally put into place for training from entry-level and apprenticeships through to higher-level qualifications.

SparkyNinja originated from an individual trainers experience in the declining attitude towards quality assurance in training. This included the misselling of courses, abuse of short courses, and complete ignorance of the qualification regulator and awarding bodies expectations from delivery of these qualifications.

SparkyNinja has experienced all of these behaviours identified in this new campaign and we strongly thank TESP for this work and back it fully. If you are looking into entering the electrical industry or looking to employ a newly qualified electrician then checkout another of TESP's sites detailing the identified training routes to industry: www.electricalcareers.co.uk

“There are still too many reports of people spending thousands of pounds with companies who willfully misrepresent where their training leads,” said Ruth Devine, TESP Chair and Managing Director of SJD Electrical. “Some providers use high-pressure sales techniques to trap learners with a large financial commitment, but devious contract terms mean there’s no realistic prospect of achieving the qualification.”

“When so many training providers jump through hoops to do things properly and engage responsibly with industry and employers, it’s important that potential learners are aware of the pitfalls.

“The idea of ‘rogue trainers’ has been talked about in the past and, indeed, the issue of unscrupulous training providers is not new. Now TESP is taking a clear stance on these practices to shine a light on what to avoid.

“We hope that the whole electrotechnical industry gets behind us – including the reputable training providers who are doing the right thing – to help raise awareness of this campaign to the general public who may fall foul of rogue trainers when looking to become an electrician.”

It has always and will remain SparkyNinja's agenda to improve on the standards of electrical training in our industry and we will continue to support all those who have fallen victim to rogue trainers through our social media networks, discord servers, podcasts, webinars and training events.

Watch the video and find out more about the campaign at www.roguetrainers.co.uk